Sunday, October 11, 2009

First look at veteran rewards

Lets forget and forgive all about old and to be honest - unrealistic - veteran system (the one with special feats and skills etc.) and see what FC cooked up for veteran rewards.

The UI
You vet points come in a form of tokens. You can check on those via new UI put next to your gold. Clean and elegant. Please note that is says "tokens" and not "veneran tokens". Perhaps FC plans to add some more of special tokens to be traded for stuff.
As you can see I have +200 tokens. I have been subed every month since day 1 so I can aford to go nuts and stack up on everything. A kind gesture of appreciation from Funcom.

The vendor
Vet vendors look like regular vendors. No VIP treatment with red carpets being rolled out before me. If anything I would put the vendor into Conan's castle and make him a cool looking npc. What we got is acceptable and understandable: FC clearly went with accessibility and put the vendor in each of main hubs.

The goods
If you click the screenshot it will bring you up the description of majority of the rewards. They are pretty self explanatory so lets just go over few of them.

The spells

Once bought and learned the rewards are displayed in the compations tab. I have no idea how arm enlargment is an companion, but its rather preferable to keep the social stuff in one window.
As you can see my character is a smaller guy with posture fitting agile assasin. There is a really big ass NPC in Khemi so me standing next to him can tell you just how much the enlargement spells will make you grow. After using enlargment spells you get gigantic. Both spells give you 10m buffs. I can see a lot of people using this - expect roid-rage Barbs to walk bare chested...all the time. Oh and your mount grows with you - imagine what that will do to the already huge mammoth. Not my thing, but cool non the less.

The dummy
It is strangely satisfying to beat the hell out of dummy. Great for passing the time while waiting for the mini...or practiting your circle strafing ruitine. A welcomed addition.


Now you can take part of Kheshatta with you everywere! This pet sadly won't pop your opponents out of stealth (as Kheshatta hyienas do all the time), but beats kitten pets any day of the week. Now you too can have one of these majestic and noble stink bags following you around.

Casilda (or whatever)

Who could resist the charms of this freaked out, pale junky cheering at you gutting people in foregin lands? Well here is the problem: the second you go into combad Casilda disappears! What is the point of her cheering if the said cheering takes place when no bloody deeds are commited?? I think we have all expected her to mirror the first 5 level of Tortage: you slaughter people and she is making you feel good about it. If I would have to complain about something - this is it. I would also give players more generic hoe, it will look kind of silly for everyone to "own" Casilda and have dozens of her clones walking around. But then again we all know how it would feel to get WTF-PWNED by 20 man-zerg with 20 Casildas cheering at your sorry ass getting beaten.

This is what we will probably see a lot for the first weeks: all buffed up, with pimped out swift mounts and Casilda-hoe following people around. Reminds me a lot of GTD: SA where you could also get some pretty freaky muscles. I am just sure that minigames will be filled with all buffed up characters ;p

To sum it up:
FC finally have implemented the system and the core is there. Current rewards are not breath taking, but also there is nothing really to complain about. The swift mounts are going to be fairly common now, but then again they are not that hard to get anyway (3weeks of tier3 mats grinding would easly bring you that ammount of coin). Looking foward to Funcom expanding this in the future with social clothes.Please, no more teleports and thumbs up from me!


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Going to buy these when I get back in the game:
- Veteran bag
- Straw man
- Shorter cds for asura


Anonymous said...

Nice looking stuff.

I wonder when that enlargement is learned it stays in companion tab and can be used anytime?

Anonymous said...

it stays in the tab as spell


Devilbound said...
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Devilbound said...
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Devilbound said...

Too bad about Casilda not cheering in battles... Could have been for PVE only if needed, disappearing when other players join the fray. Love the steroids btw! That's the one and only thing I'm sure I'll get, now that it's clear Casilda isn't in combat :'(


P.S: God awful amount of typos and poor quality of pics, but hey, thumbs up still!^^

(sorry about the post spam btw:p)

Anonymous said...

The size things might be fun (i have a character which should be very tall IC), but they'll be very common too...

I have a rather circus-like image in my mind...with giant people fighting dummies, balloon-breast women floating around, Casildas, hyenas...

Anonymous said...
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