Thursday, September 25, 2008

excellent balance

5/5 general tree feat

This is a common mistake for a lot of new players: they pick feats from general trees waaaay to early and thus gimping themselfs. General tree is considered supplemental and there is no way to be successful by focusing on the feats from it, especially early on when we assassins need all the help we can get. If fact I would say that there is ALMOST no need to pick feats from general tree at all except for one – you NEED one point in the excellent balance or EB to avoid being knocked back and ripped apart in both PVE and PVP.

As a rule add ONE point to the EB or FIVE. That means not 2, not 4, and sure as hell – not 3.

One point

One point early on will allow you to do a little bit of PVP so do it after you have hit lvl 20.

Do not: put more than one point early on – it’s a TOTAL waste

Five point

If you have 5 points in EB that means you have picked one of the trees, be it Corruption or Lotus and combined it with general tree. Those are the “main builds” corruption/general and lotus/general. Five points in EB will open your way further down the general tree where you will pick other feats based on your “main” tree (corruption needs natural protection ft. and lotus – toughness).

Do not:
go deep into the general tree before you reached the very bottom of your main tree. Add five points if you have another five free to add to another feat otherwise those points could be better spend and help you level up faster.

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