Friday, September 26, 2008

Up to lvl 30 with Lotus

Lotus tree

Here is what I would take early on by adding points the following way:

Improved Poison Stance -> Flesh rot -> Deft blades -> Cat’s paw -> Golden Lotus -> Snap kick

Let’s go over the most common questions:

Flesh rot vs Vile poisons

Which is better? This is a valid question since vile poison get a whooping +25% dmg boost while Flesh rot’s damage is noticeable at best. Well Flesh rot is passive which means every combo that you can dish out will add some flesh rot – a big plus. Second thing is that most mobs might in fact die before you could even finish your poison combo, and sure as hell they will die before the +25% extra damage kicks in. Another thing is that far down the lotus tree you will get swift ending feat that will boost flesh rot’s damage.

Deft blades first or cat’s paw?

Deft blade will give you +10% passive offhand while cat’s paw gives defensive evade boost with long cool down. When choosing survivality over damage, go for damage because it will let you level faster.

Variation of the build

This build gives you access to the Antrophy combo – amazing feat that will debuff your enemy for -30% damage and -30% magical damage (when fully upgraded)

Comparison of the builds

Please notice that with second build you don’t excel at any of your feats, which is bad since both deft blades and cat’s paw lose a lot of their offhand/evade when not fully upgraded with points (deft blade loses 3% for example). Another thing is lack of magic resistance Lotus blood and casters are quite common in Hyboria.

There is hope at level 30!

If you, during your 28 lvls, felt like crap in both PVE and PVP wait until you are lvl 30 and have access to Golden Lotus and Snap Kick – they will get you from zero to hero and those are most beloved feats from Lotus tree. Hang in there!

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