Saturday, September 22, 2012

This Week In Hyboria #5

Welcome to another week(ish)ly Hyborian news! This time we have a whole bunch of stuff to go over. I have decided that, even thou the title of the post says "this week", this news updates will be posted only when I have gathered enough of goodies for your hungry eyes.

Tricks in the Lost Temple
Fsen of Fury fame posted an interesting video regarding some of the trick jumps in the Lost Temple. While this stuff has been around for a long time he gives a great step-by-step description on how it is done. Must see for any PVPer.


 Dragon's Spine: more interviews
The next add-on for Age of Conan will be called Dragon's Spine and it will be released in series of updates. Funcom's Craig Morrison did some interviews about Secrets of Dragon's Spine (I will be calling it SDS from now on) hinting that the first batch of SDS content might hit live serves as soon as in OCTOBER (check of 3:00 minute of the interview). Game Director even hints on his blog that we will get some kind of previews next week (check the comments),.


Compensation for laggy servers
Funcom decided to take it on the chin and offer players some goodies to make up for terrible lags that we were experiencing in last few weeks. 

Option 1
Imperial Bronzesteel Slaughter Steed.
Teaches you how to summon an Imperial Bronzesteel Slaughter Steed. Requires Exotic Creature Handling to use.
400 Funcom Points to spend in our in-game Item Shop.

Option 2
800 Funcom Points to spend in our in-game Item Shop.

Option 3
7 Days of Premium Game Time.

here is the kitteh that you can claim
 Here is how you can claim your rewards:
1/ log onto your account managment page
2/ click "special offers"
3/ click the compensation offers
4/ pick one option
5/ if you have picked mount you can now claim it via "/claim" command, it is account wide.

It is not my mount of choice, but I am glad that Funcom decided to do "the right thing (tm)" and give something back to the player base.


Big plans for the forums
Funcom has decided to finally merge the EU and US forums into one. I do find that very strange since we have been told for years of end that it cannot be done. Beats me. It is a very welcomed move because forums are getting more and more empty. I don't think that it is because of community dissolving, but rather because we are lacking things to discus. I know that I log onto boards few times a day and a don't really have anything to write about anymore. Bring on the SDS! The merger will defiantly help the AOC population to get in touch and it is very welcomed.


Age Of Conan - The Epic Adventure
HENRYX once again decided to wow us with his video capturing and editing skills and published via youtube "The Epic Adventure" vid featuring many raids and dungeons.

More goodies on the TL!
The devs were are in the crunch mode and are pouring the content onto the TL servers. You can find there full revamp notes for the Bear Shaman and Conqueror. Furthermore we will get our hands on new unchained version of Amphitheatre of Karutonia. The new Amphitheatre is a max level dungeon with 83 lvl elite mobs. There are new mechanics to the bosses and new loot to be collected. It is one of the most enjoyable dungeons in Age of Conan so I am very pleased about it being picked for the max level revamp. I just hope that Funcom will get the loot part right this time because lack of it was one of the main reasons for Into The Breach unchained's failure.


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