Monday, August 19, 2013

Slith's cheesy exploration guide ep. 12

There has been some talk about Palace of Cetriss on forums as of late and it seems like people are under impression that Palace of Cetriss will be new T5 raid (makes more sense than another T3.5).

And what better way to spend your time than arguing with strangers on the forums while drooling over youtube videos featuring unfinished, half baked content? I am here to provide!

While people got to the Palace before me I couldn't find any youtube videos documenting it so I am posting my own.

Getting into the zone requires very little effort and it boils down to finding the right place to jump.

Tip? You know the entrance to the Palace that is blocked with rocks? Turn around and find a way on top of the mountain behind you ... and jump over the gap from there.

As a bonus check out for some Dragon's Spine concept art, including Palace of Cetriss. Somewhat exciting (yes, it's a slow news month).


Unknown said...

i can make the jump, but cant get further in. there is a invisable wall there that i cant get past.. whats the trick there?

Anonymous said...

Slith we need you!!!

Slith said...

Since I got many requests about this I have decided to help small group reach the Palace and record it for the blog.

Guess what? The way into the Palace is now all patched up.

Funcom wankers!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried to reach it by taking a long journey over the hills, starting from the entrance of DS? I took that way from release but now not for 3-4 months. I will check in the next few days.

Nexothep said...

OK, even this way has been closed during one of the last updates. Nevertheless I managed to reach the Palace of Cetriss yesterday and found out, that only little things has changed. As an optimist I would say: Funcom is working on content!