Friday, February 26, 2010

Content with content

Guild Renown
 For the first time in my AOC gaming history (apart from leveling from 1 to 80) I am content with the content presented to me. I am pleased.The guild renown system was the best thing FC could do. I am feeling like my every action is meaningful for moving the guild towards it's ultimate goal of maxing out on renown. Every level of renown seems to be bringing something nice to the table (enjoying my 2m pots I must say) and there is always something to be looking forward to in the near future (my guild - Exalted - is very close to 7th lvl and the tavern that comes with it). Even running a stupid Villas all of sudden is more fun: valor points form quests/mobs and mat drops for crafting.
Apparently now there is a point of going back to old content and doing stuff you missed (check the valor guilde here) - I am soooo doing Ymir's pass!
It seems that when I am not doing pvp I have plenty pve content and when I am not feeling like doing that there is always some crafting to do and epeen to flex (top contributor of Exalted this week is...Slith).
For the first 2 weeks it seemed that artistry is the only way to level the guild as people crafted en masse thanks to their great supplies of crafting mats. Matter of fact 1.500.000 artistry contributions were very common while glory points were like...2300 per guildie. Luckly the "the well of endless resources" is now dry and the prices on trader are out of this world (1.5's most worthless item - Iron Silk, is selling now for 1,7-2g 0_o). The renown system is apparently balancing itself. 

Minigames and Assassin revamp
The minigames are a little fucked as of now (check assassin's hideout podcast ep.13), but participating in them with revamped assassin makes up for any woes one might have. Any.
I am pushing for my pvp lvl 5 with mere 34% left to grind and I am having fun while doing so (don't get me started on how things were back in 1.5).
To top it off the expansion is allegedly right around the corner and it brings the promise of very crisp alternative advancement system and story and gear and open world...
I guess it is a very exiciting time to be an AoC's subscriber. It feels very awkward to be writing stuff like this after shitting all over FC for 2 years. Hell, it's about time!

Of Course there is no doubt that PVP side of things is suffering and has been for quite some time right now - apparently it will suffer some more since the shrines of Bori and pvp towers will be coming probably LONG after expansion. You know, the one which release date isn't even annouced yet...
I am wondering how hitting the pvp lvl 5 will affect me: I will get the gear soon and eventually be caped at 5,5. Will I get bored with pvp or will the obvious gear upgrade only enhance my already pleasurable pvp experience?
Bit of a rant there, but I felt like I should give credit where credit is due and the fact is that Guild Renown and Assassin Revamp are superb, at least for me because I am in great guild and I play an assassi.


Anonymous said...

Hi Slith

You are right the guild renown and assassins revamps is superb, but I think there are some things to ajust, guild renown needs a little balance,
-ironic mode-
sin a nerf ;)
-ironic mode off-

and is sad that guardians & rangers will not get they revamp.

Slith said...

I don't really care all that much about "sin nerf" because people want to nerf Essence Detonation doing big critz + dmg

I don't have soul destruction feated in (for various reasons) so I am not worried at all :D