Monday, September 30, 2013

Bloodshed in the dreaming west - Age of Conan Assassin PvP Video


Kravex said...

Really nice video! Good video editing, good soundtrack and fun to watch.
Next time just try to fraps it a little closer, i understand you need to have far away cam to watch your surroundings in pvp but from a viewer perspective it's nice to see the action closer.

I feel like playing AoC again but it's a pain to pvp when all your opponents have top gear..

Slith said...


Perhaps the gearless unchained minigames with get you back to AOC :D

samhein said...

this takes me back, some good memories come to mind when reflecting back at aoc pvp. i haven't played for what seems like an eternity, yet i still come here often to read about slith's adventures in hyboria
keep up the good work