Friday, November 28, 2008

bummed down

I am bummed the fuck down.
One thing is that I am not seeing any other assassins participating in minigames and it is a big change because I used to know 3-4 „regular” assassin pvpers. Bad omen.
Now for the main reason I am bummed: casters are totaly OP right now. Mind you, I hate words like OP, IMBA, or L2P (that one drivers me crazy), but I find no other word that will fit to describe the current state of the game. I have screenshots of TOS criting me for 3562 dmg with my 3600 buffed HP pool. I have necros doting me up and doing 1001 crit dmg per ticks WITH my Lotus blood proc up (giving 95% immunity to spells when someone crits you with them).
And to top this off: minigames seems to be dominated now by groups consisting of atleast 2 casters, 2 healers and randoms (BSes for example). Needless to say those groups rip apart ANYTHING thrown at them (except groups consising of 2 casters, 2 healers and randoms, BSes for example).
So I am getting the feeling of being the lone assassin in the casters game.
Head down to Kruella blog to see screenie of necro racking up 96 kills in a minigame.
I was all about upgrading necros from „free kills” (that is what they used to be in 2.0 pvp) to „DPS”, but things got slighty out of hand. I won't even comment on TOS.
Regardless of my whining I am sticking with the assassin (as I dont have/want alts) and the AOC itself because I am sure it will be a great game one day.
I just had to vent this crap ;]

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