Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still waiting for patch 3.0

The pre patch hype is peaking - all test live forum's class boards are FILLED with complaints and good old whine.
I myself tried the test live servers, but quited for several reasons:

1. I will not pay Funcom to beta test their stuff,
2. I will not get into Kesh just to get jumped by 2 Necro and 1 POM (you know who you are..)
3. I will not ruin my fun - I would like to enjoy endproduct, not the beta that is subjected to change.

From what I have seen we are getting two major buffs:
1. Grim corruption now aplies snare (so no more running away from us)
2. Death Gaze gives 50% snare and always fears (yes, you can stack GC + DG for 90% snare)

Too bad I can't do anything with this blog now - I won't test the 3.0 patch for reasons stated above, I can't write about old stuff because it will get a pretty drastic change and the boards are hardly overflowing from great posts ;p
Good times!

See assassins boards

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Word on the streets of Old Tarantia is that...

Welcome back everyone, it's been a whole

I have decided that since upcoming 3.0 patch changes are so massive that I will focus on other stuff for now and get back to guiding your leveling later.

I have come up with “word on the streets” type of news where I will point you to the most juicy US/EU forum posts for your reading pleasure.

We begin with this jewel - Chillwhisper's Level 80 Assassin Combo Review.
Chillwhisper actually sat down and tested the damage of every single combo we have so you can decide on what to use in given situation.

Too bad patch 3.0 changes everything and that post will be useless, but for now it is a great read.

One more thing – is any one really following this blog at all? I tend not to post anything because...meh...who reads this shit anyway?

Give me the sign in comments....I still need a single comment....coz I am such a needy bastard!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lotus 40-50 lvl

This level gap is simple:

get Lotus weapon and get Flurry of Blows. Save the rest and enjoy!

Flurry of Blows is a proc buff that will get you more offhand - +15% - it’s a solid and passive buff. Proces often.

Lotus weapon gives stackable DOTS like flesh necrosis. Passive damage that will help you with those armored bastards.

Stay alive!

Next gap – lvl 60 – will get you to your best, passive damage feats and baby, the numbers will fly across the screen!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Corruption lvl 30-40

Here is where I left you

go ahead and add:

2 point to dark weapons (full feat)-> save points -> 5 points into unholy armor-> 1 point excellent balance -> save the rest

Now we are talking!

With 5 points in unholy armor for the first time you will be able to take a punch in both PVE and PVP. There are no words to describe the +10% resist you will get from UA and the impact in will have on your gaming experience.

You can PVP!

From now on you stand a chance in PVP that is why you are getting one point into Excellent balance. There is also a chance you might already ran into some kind of mob that had knockback.

Do not expect much in PVP.

You are still far from “the zone” and might not be able to take on guardian classes, or healers. This is normal as your heavy hitters buffs/debuffs are further down the corruption tree.

Clear sailing ahead, matey!

You next upgrade will be at lvl 50 when you will get Lunge buff and your AOE attack. From level 40 up to 70 you will be getting great feats every 10 levels...

3.0 on test..

Check out the new 3.0 patch changes and what is means for us, assassins.
Hit the link for AOC forums