Thursday, October 16, 2008

Word on the streets of Old Tarantia is that...

Welcome back everyone, it's been a whole

I have decided that since upcoming 3.0 patch changes are so massive that I will focus on other stuff for now and get back to guiding your leveling later.

I have come up with “word on the streets” type of news where I will point you to the most juicy US/EU forum posts for your reading pleasure.

We begin with this jewel - Chillwhisper's Level 80 Assassin Combo Review.
Chillwhisper actually sat down and tested the damage of every single combo we have so you can decide on what to use in given situation.

Too bad patch 3.0 changes everything and that post will be useless, but for now it is a great read.

One more thing – is any one really following this blog at all? I tend not to post anything because...meh...who reads this shit anyway?

Give me the sign in comments....I still need a single comment....coz I am such a needy bastard!


Anonymous said...

I read your blog. :)

I just started playing as an assassin and have been using your Lotus build from the start. Reached lvl 30 yesterday, and it seems like a good build so far.

Seyit Abbasoglu said...

Mate we are reading your blog it's really fascinating. Don't stop the shit :)))