Monday, August 31, 2009

Assassin's hideout podcast -ep.3

show notes:
- spirit of nightfall - unexpected Sin nerf
- Slith almost breaks his car on a pothole

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Do you want to date my crappy avatar?

So the GC is over and so is the Blizzcon. I swear I can't remember the last time that I have had WoW cravings like this. New WoW expansion looks stunning. Blizzard did it again. I am trying to silience that little voice in my head telling me "come on Slith, it's been ever so long - resub, make a rogue and do some pvp". I am trying to convince myself that AoC: RoGS will be as cool (if not cooler) but come on - Blizz is re-doing whole fucking world, how can any company compete with that and on what level? So Conan players are getting umm... Tiger and Asian chicks, and ummm alterative leveling system. WoW players are getting epic dragons mounts that they can fly over broken continents where elements battle for supremacy. That and goblin rogues. Goblin rogues FFS! How can any company compete with that?
After thinking and browsing wowhead for a while I usually log into my account and stare at it trying to remember why I have left in a first place for Conan.
But then I think: you sold your account, are you ready to put up with 1-80 leveling? Clearly I don't. On another hand: AoC became utterly boring in every aspect. Are you willing to push trough Tortage and other silly gank-intensive zones AND 1-5 pvp leveling with new class? Fuck no! Guess I am stuck then :D.
I can only predict that new WoW expansion will win back a lot of old quiters like me. I hope that FC provides superb updates because when Cataclysm comes out there will be very little shit on Funcoms part that I will be willing to put up with.
Some updates every 5-6 months? I don't think that is going to work in my world.

Btw do you want to date my avatar? I find that amusing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Assassins hideout podcast - ep.2

show notes:
first look at AOC expansion info
- Eurogamer article

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Age of Conan expansion - wheres teh hype?

If there is a one thing Funcom does well its HYPE. Age of Conan was hyped so much that it left earth's orbit and became its own planet in solar system (planet Conanus). It is strange how AOC expansion is kept under wraps for sooooo long. What gives? How is it even possible that Erling Ellingsen - the sexiest man alive - is not out there, hyping the shit out of expansion...right now?
All we got on expasion till now is two artworks.
I think its because of AoC's current state and many many problems - if Funcom was boasting about expansion the company would got eaten alive both by players and the "press". Perhaps Funcom learned a thing or two over last year, or perhaps it is just healthy mix of decency and self preservation. Can't say I am excited for expansion:
1. I rather get content in small batches and often
2. We know NOTHING about expansion
Khitai is a weird weird setting for expansion too - REH hardly mentiones it in his books. Funcom will have to almost create whole country from a scratch.
I was VERY excited about AOC (even more than when WoW first launched), but it is hard to fall in love again when you been hurt so much (yes, I am still talking about mmo, aware of geekness, don't bother to point that out). Basiclly the Devs will have to WOW me with something totally new and fresh. Oh and I rather have some decent content that will be delivered than steaming bullshit that won't work (like 100 man sieges).

Assassins hideout podcast - ep.1

show notes:
some talk about Tarantia Commons PVE and PVP

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Assassin hideout pocast - pilot

download the podcast

Show notes:

- Game Directors talks to assassin community on assassin revamp - link

- "basically" word is the bane of this show

- hope that I will get less rusty with english as I do more recordings

Monday, August 10, 2009

Assassin revamp not coming?

A while ago FC promised "rogue revamp" to be included in 1.5 patch cicle. So far Barbarian and Rangers got their fixes. Funcom also went out and revamped bear shamman and now DT and Coqn changes are in the pipe.
However when asked if Sins are getting their share, Game Developer said this:

@Slith_hideout There probably wont be any specifics there for the remaining 1.05.x updates, but we are considering some things down the line
see the source

this upset assassins since we were so looking foward to any changes, not to mention major revamp.
Angry threads are poping out (also see here), while the community tries to push for any fixes to be included in 1.5.5 (see the threads here and here)

Hope that FC will crack under the "pressure" (like they care ;p) and do us justice.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Epic stories, big epeens ep.2 - Captain Morgan Society

Tarantia Noble (nooble) district used to be occupied by a guild named Captain Morgan Society
Zubba, their guild leader if I am not mistaken, would stop people traveling through zone and ask them for a payment for a safe crossing.
Needless to say hardly anyone was paying so heads were rolling and general chat was spammed by whines of people ganked in that zone.
Once there was a pvp event held in Tarantia which I have taken part of. Many guild showed up for this.
So I was approached by Zubba and kindly asked to pay up some sum - I can't recall how high it was exacly, but it was more than few silvers.
Not only I have refused to pay, but also gave him /rude gesture - I was sure that I can take him on in 1v1. All of sudden, and I shit you not, 8 people unstealthed around me and beaten me into a bloody pulp. Before anyone could even notice - Zubba and his crew have vanished into other parts of the disctrict.

Like R.E. Howard wrote:
Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know
they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general
Slith of Aquilonia learned the savage ways of Captain Morgan Society the hard way.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Epic stories, big epeens ep.1 - close the gate

This story won't be about how stupidly boring AoC has become (this is what happens when you take 6 months to develop RPG system, and one area with nothing but bland, gray buildings), but it will be about assassination.

There is absolutly nothing worth mentioning on any other medium than twitter so enjoy this story:

Today I logged into guild city to check trader. On my arrival I was surrounded with necro pets and needless to say - went down like shot a vodka on an empty stomach. After respawning infront of our Keep I stealthed back to trader only to see that there are two necros: petzer and bomber (for the record: they were from Tasyfa). Did my best: charge in, knockback, SS buffed with Overdose and curse of lotus - that brought first necro down to 50% and I was already dead at this point.
Respawned and stealthed just outside the gates. Ofcourse the "merry" couple of necros went straight for the Keep's respawn point to gank my ass.
As they were searching for me near the Keep I have unstealthed, closed the doors on them and ran like hell to restealth. People from other guilds can't operate your guild's doors switches so they were stuck inside. They have quickly figured out that they can just jump down the wall and they did...right infront of me! With necro being already down 50% (fall damage) I was able to kill the first one before being bombed to hell by second one who - after killing me - bravely ran away.
This little "trick" I pulled on poor necros made me smile.

Matter of fact I might do few of post on my stories alone: don't worry, I have a couple of good ones where I got OWNED so it won't be just epeen stroking.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

OMG! Deadly assassinos!

Check out Conan the Adventurer (animated series)- very cheesy he-man-alike cartoon. The cool thing is that the authors accualy knew REH lore and tried to follow it. The not so cool thing is that this series are for kids so there are no adult themes.Its basically reskined He-man with SAME characters and plots. You can catch all the episodes on youtube. I won't lie: it is painful to watch :D I have jumped from episode to episode because I am unable to watch for more than 10 minutes without going into seizure.
One of Conan's friends is an assassins so you can say that this post barely qualifies as posting material for assassin's blog ;p

I accually think that young Conan is suffering from condition known as gynecomastia.