Friday, August 14, 2009

Age of Conan expansion - wheres teh hype?

If there is a one thing Funcom does well its HYPE. Age of Conan was hyped so much that it left earth's orbit and became its own planet in solar system (planet Conanus). It is strange how AOC expansion is kept under wraps for sooooo long. What gives? How is it even possible that Erling Ellingsen - the sexiest man alive - is not out there, hyping the shit out of expansion...right now?
All we got on expasion till now is two artworks.
I think its because of AoC's current state and many many problems - if Funcom was boasting about expansion the company would got eaten alive both by players and the "press". Perhaps Funcom learned a thing or two over last year, or perhaps it is just healthy mix of decency and self preservation. Can't say I am excited for expansion:
1. I rather get content in small batches and often
2. We know NOTHING about expansion
Khitai is a weird weird setting for expansion too - REH hardly mentiones it in his books. Funcom will have to almost create whole country from a scratch.
I was VERY excited about AOC (even more than when WoW first launched), but it is hard to fall in love again when you been hurt so much (yes, I am still talking about mmo, aware of geekness, don't bother to point that out). Basiclly the Devs will have to WOW me with something totally new and fresh. Oh and I rather have some decent content that will be delivered than steaming bullshit that won't work (like 100 man sieges).


Darth_Mueller said...

perhaps they are not 100% sure if they should release an Addon?
Ok, it was already announced, but when you dont hype it very much you can still stopp it.
Lets face it, there are not enough people playing AOC, lets say there are 100k people playing, that means 100k plus 50k people who return will buy the addon, thats not very much, ok im very pessimistic but its possible.
They need their money for the Secret World, perhaps they dont want to burn it in an Addon that no one will buy?

Slith said...

Dont forget that new Conan movie is coming. That will staw new people in for sure

Longasc said...

See the hype regarding The Secret World.

I mean the promo is perfect, but it also reminds me of Age of Conan's bumpy launch. Heck, Anarchy Online was also horrible early on.

One wonders if they just could not release TSW without starting a promo campaign way before release and impress people with a good launch, so that word of mouth becomes the promo and not disappointed people who had too high expectations due to extreme hype?