Thursday, August 13, 2009

Assassin hideout pocast - pilot

download the podcast

Show notes:

- Game Directors talks to assassin community on assassin revamp - link

- "basically" word is the bane of this show

- hope that I will get less rusty with english as I do more recordings


Toll said...

Hello Slith, I check your blog almost everyday. Assassin podcast, that's great !

Your english is very clear, no problem.

Keep on stabbin'

Khalid said...

I've been actually waiting for you to start your podcast, and its great!

Your english is clear and its easy to listen you, if that makes any sense..

Anyway keep it up! :)

Slith said...

thanks for comments guys

I was very insecure about podcast.
You can be very critical when you listen to your own voice. Try it sometime :p

I will try to get some guests or co-hosts at some point