Monday, August 24, 2009

Do you want to date my crappy avatar?

So the GC is over and so is the Blizzcon. I swear I can't remember the last time that I have had WoW cravings like this. New WoW expansion looks stunning. Blizzard did it again. I am trying to silience that little voice in my head telling me "come on Slith, it's been ever so long - resub, make a rogue and do some pvp". I am trying to convince myself that AoC: RoGS will be as cool (if not cooler) but come on - Blizz is re-doing whole fucking world, how can any company compete with that and on what level? So Conan players are getting umm... Tiger and Asian chicks, and ummm alterative leveling system. WoW players are getting epic dragons mounts that they can fly over broken continents where elements battle for supremacy. That and goblin rogues. Goblin rogues FFS! How can any company compete with that?
After thinking and browsing wowhead for a while I usually log into my account and stare at it trying to remember why I have left in a first place for Conan.
But then I think: you sold your account, are you ready to put up with 1-80 leveling? Clearly I don't. On another hand: AoC became utterly boring in every aspect. Are you willing to push trough Tortage and other silly gank-intensive zones AND 1-5 pvp leveling with new class? Fuck no! Guess I am stuck then :D.
I can only predict that new WoW expansion will win back a lot of old quiters like me. I hope that FC provides superb updates because when Cataclysm comes out there will be very little shit on Funcoms part that I will be willing to put up with.
Some updates every 5-6 months? I don't think that is going to work in my world.

Btw do you want to date my avatar? I find that amusing.


Fox said...

Its is really amazing stuff, they got the resources and they seem to be able to use them. I play MMO's to pass a couple of hours a day with my friends, meet new people and have fun in the progress.
I've had much of fun with AoC and it is a pretty good game, but to be honest there isnt much to do in Conan even for a casual player like me.

So as a paying customer I think my choise is easy to make. and of course I keep my eyes open for other MMO's aswell.

I hope the Age of Conan will live for many years of course, but that'll be without me. :)

(Nice to read various stuff in your blogg, not only the usual Sin stuff ((they are great ofc!)) and the youtube clip was hilarious!)

Anonymous said...

............ But it's WoW and the PVP there is totally terrible. Trust me, you can not play any other MMORPG like WoW after AoC's combat system. I've tried :(

bartek said...

yeah, it's sad that the combat system is great but the rest... just good. because of that i cannot play another MMO:) i downloaded WoW trial and played sth about 3 hours because of clicking and waiting in combat. Same with WH and LotR.

Another example: I was very excited about SW:ToR, but after watching GC walktrough, my enthusiasm is not so big as at the begining. We have light sabres, sw universe, (potentialy) great story, force but fights looks so boring. And still there is no info about pvp system.

I hope there will be another MMO with FC Combat System or ... Die by the Sword! :)

Now i'm waiting for better internet connection (256kb/s remember ice age:P) and finaly i'll be able to check out 1.05 on my self :)

Slith said...

hey thanks guys for giving me pice of your minds.

You know me: occasionally I am bound to do some AOC bashing.

I think I could easly switch to other mmo's pvp system, BUT (here comes the but) I simply cannot deal with avrg. mmo community: teh l33tz0rz kidz

I was bothering me when I was 19, 25 now so I don't think I can work it out.

AOC has older audience for several reasons: mature themes and high computer speccs and lets hope: Conan lore (I doubt that).

Anonymous said...

First of all, you should Slith really upgrade your computer. You are currently playing the game with low settings riiight? Then, create an alt and play the game finally through again with your high dx10 graphics and enjoy the gorgerous world of Conan.


Slith said...


I have quite decent computer, it is gfx card that is not up to speed.
Perhaps I get around to it.

Alts are boring, I am not up for taking a second job and it very much feels like that to me (tried already, several times)

Anonymous said...

My love to AoC turned to hate recently. Almost nothing is done to keep players in this game. Sad, but for me great graphics and lore are not enough.

So me and group of friends came back (some are playing it for first time) to WoW. And, sadly, you cannot even compare those games in the case of content.

All in all, I seriously wish AoC developers to wake up and do something with this great idea they had, but I'm not patient enough to wait year or two to play a good game.

Cheers for all you guys :)

Slith: we play in small polish guild with average age of 23~24 if you wish :P


Slith said...


Thanks, I might call you on that offer someday.

What server?

Anonymous said...

RPPvP - Defias Brotherhood

Still I hope that AoC will attract me once again, some day.


Slith said...

oh crap, that would be going full circle for me - last time I have played it was Defias :)

I have sold my char there - he is still around.

bartek said...

The more i think about AoC and others MMO, the less i am sure about continue playing this game. Too bad i choose 3month payment version. I think i'll start new adventure with Aion or WoW. Or i'll say good bye to any MMO for some time and save money (WoW with all addons is quite expensive);]

Hard decision ^^