Monday, August 10, 2009

Assassin revamp not coming?

A while ago FC promised "rogue revamp" to be included in 1.5 patch cicle. So far Barbarian and Rangers got their fixes. Funcom also went out and revamped bear shamman and now DT and Coqn changes are in the pipe.
However when asked if Sins are getting their share, Game Developer said this:

@Slith_hideout There probably wont be any specifics there for the remaining 1.05.x updates, but we are considering some things down the line
see the source

this upset assassins since we were so looking foward to any changes, not to mention major revamp.
Angry threads are poping out (also see here), while the community tries to push for any fixes to be included in 1.5.5 (see the threads here and here)

Hope that FC will crack under the "pressure" (like they care ;p) and do us justice.


Nwardezir said...

Dreeeeeamer ! :)

Anonymous said...

I did really wait for the revamp but Sillirion let us down.

Anonymous said...

wah wah. stop with crying alreadt

Unknown said...

sin was a very difficult class to play from the beginning, but in the hands of a skilled player comque fun and able to kill caster nerf now with this I begin to doubt the seriousness of why Funcom have been enhanced classes that nn had absolutely need as a bear shaman barb I personally think I freeze the game until there are improvements to our class seems to me ridiculous to continue to pay and be taken around these here for me .... is also good because they die quickly with sin since his defenses are ridiculous in pvp but if I take a 1 vs 1 it should open in 2 because this class was designed for that now with this nerf will have even more trouble pulling Jun the caster. by a sin (lv 4 fury pvp)