Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still waiting for patch 3.0

The pre patch hype is peaking - all test live forum's class boards are FILLED with complaints and good old whine.
I myself tried the test live servers, but quited for several reasons:

1. I will not pay Funcom to beta test their stuff,
2. I will not get into Kesh just to get jumped by 2 Necro and 1 POM (you know who you are..)
3. I will not ruin my fun - I would like to enjoy endproduct, not the beta that is subjected to change.

From what I have seen we are getting two major buffs:
1. Grim corruption now aplies snare (so no more running away from us)
2. Death Gaze gives 50% snare and always fears (yes, you can stack GC + DG for 90% snare)

Too bad I can't do anything with this blog now - I won't test the 3.0 patch for reasons stated above, I can't write about old stuff because it will get a pretty drastic change and the boards are hardly overflowing from great posts ;p
Good times!

See assassins boards

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