Saturday, December 13, 2008

Patch 1.4 assassin's review! (test server content)

Long awaited 1.4 patch hit the test server so it is time for some review:

Assassin changes:
Oh nothing major....only FREAKING 50% snare to Curse of Lotus aoe fear! Great boost for both pvp and pve.

UI changes:
- Timers were added for buffs/debuff/food etc. Nice litte feat, but I hope it can be disabled as Lotus assassin has A LOT of timers it tends to be distracting.

- minigames interface allows you to keep track of how many people apply for map/game. Very nice addition and slick ui.

- massive pvp ui got somesort of callendar. I don't know much about it, but looks good.


- Treasure chests spreaded around the world are holding new phat lootz - I found only one chest, but it looks promising.

- mobs can now fatality your sorry ass. Also when you die the camera zooms on you. Nice addition, kudos FC!


I do a lot of Villas (I know most people hate them) when waiting for minigame (I listen do podcast then) - it's very relaxing. There have been two major changes to Villa content:

Welcomed one:
- NPC now drop obsidian egg (generic item, worth 71 copper) which is stackable. It drops from almost every mob, along with green item crap, cloth and 33-40 copper. Yep, Villas just became the place to grind cash - 2 mobs gave me 3 x egg = 2s 13c and
2 x 35 c = 70, so 2s 83c and after few minutes I had 10s in eggs alone. Thanks FC!

Tree of woe:
- This change is NOT WELCOMED! FC yet again made Villas EASER by nerfing "aggro radius". You can now pull mobs one-by-one regardless of how close they are to each other - same mobs used to aggro everytime when I attacked one of them. So now there is no challenge in Villas as you can Shot-to-pull, Kill, pot, repeat. I honestly hope it is a bug.

- Client is unstable. I don't really care about DX10 stuff, I rather have game running. Seems like graphical and client bugs are behind every corner.

Haven't tested the other stuff (pvp drops, new mobs in borders, new solo instance), but so far so good, baby :D

Also: I am sorry about the youtube videos, I had to make them really small because someone on my lan decided that it is porn-downloading-day and my bandwith got slaughtered.

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