Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hungry for lore

As I have previously stated I am a big fan of Conan lore - in fact it might by main reason why I am still playing AOC - it is true to the lore. I have already chewed trough all of R.E.Howard's works and they all were superb. After "Hour of the dragon" the last book that features Conan as a King is "Conan: the avenger" and the series stop (Conan is in his late 40-ties and still kicking ass). Since R.E.Howard commited suicide and a very young age, his fans took his notes and tried to continue the Conan saga. The first book that came out was "Conan and the Spider God" by L. Sprague de Camp where Conan is still in his early 20-ties and just quited his "job" as Zingarian thief for a military service in Turan (almost 30 years later he does some pretty funky shit in Turan, but that is another story ;p). So far I don't like Sprague de Camp's writing at all: R.E.H had this unique style of action packed yet rich in details story that kept you interested from the page 1 to the very end. Sprague de Camp's story unfolds sloooooowly and is packed with some irrevelant shit: Conan sits down, orders dinner, eats it, and goes to bed 0_o (and no assassin pop out of his beer and try to rip his head off). I still have like half the book to go, but so far it was "yawn-fest" for me which was never the case with REH.

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