Saturday, April 18, 2009

Important questions anwsered

Unexpected Dev reply to Patch Wish list thread gave us few ideas on how AoC will develop further down the line:

PVP resources need to be reworked:

"We might make some changes to the pvp resources but not in the way you described. I was however looking at a different way to do something similar. This would expand on what is there right now.

We need player housing in aoc:

"Hopefully some day."

We need Arathi Basin Style minigame - 12 vs 12 or bigger

"I don't think it would be a straight copy of the battleground you mentioned. I would love to do a larger scale minigame."

We need rewards for minigames

"This is being looked into."

We need a system preventing people farming each other for pvp xp, perhaps lowering dimishing returns to 0 will do it

"Fight clubbing is being looked into. If this is one of the changes we decide to go with so be it"

People farm resources via bots

"Not sure what you mean by this. If it has to do with no resource encounters happening outside of the Resource and Building playfields that has already been changed.

Give us 1vs1 arenas

"Maybe one day"

We need dueling system that still yellds pvp xp

"On my wish list but a duelling system as described for EQ2 is pretty expensive to implement. Hopefully we can get other ways that allow duels in the game soon enough"
Reduce sieges to 36 vs 36 to help with FPS/Lag issues, and because no guild out there can fill their own 48 man sieges

"Changing the cap is not very likely. We are looking at the lag issues. Hopefully we can look at a proper merchenary system as well

Improve trade skills in such a way that they can help in pvp

"This is something Ilaliya and me want to do"

Fix Battle Keep buff stacking

"This is one of our priorities at the moment"

Open levels 6 to 10 for pvp advancement and new gear

"Looking into the current PvP advancement is a bigger priority than expanding it. Once this works well we can look into expanding the system."
So as you can see a lot of good question anwsered - especialy it was important for FC to confirm existance of pvp xp guild farming (Fight clubbing or Naked RP) and fixing it before we can move further with pvp progression.

You can also get good test live news from my tweetter feedor via tweett's rss.

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