Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[Guide] Blindside

Blindside is a two step combo that can be feated in for 3 points and further upgraded with Bewilder for 2 points.

Here is the breakdown:

1 point added - after succesful attack you will regenerate 45 stamina every 1 second for 7 seconds
2 points added - you gain +100% "increase to damage or healing"
3 points added - you gain +300% "increase to damage or healing"

1 point added - your opponent will lose 2% of their stamina for 7 seconds
2 points added - your opponent will lose 5% of their stamina for 7 seconds, you gain +100% "increase to damage or healing"

Cooldown: 1 minute

Increase to damage or healing
Even basic tests will quickly prove to you that adding more points into Blindside will NOT upgrade this combo's damage. Regardless of points added it will hit for +400 and crit for +500.
In some tests 3/3 Blindside hit for less than 1/3 Blindiside. This combo most certain won't be your main damage dealer.

Stamina renew and cost
Stamina gained from Blindside stays the same regardless of points added. With 45 stamina gained over 7 seconds you will get 315 stamina back - thats very very little. Here comes the tricky part: blindside's stamina cost is ONLY 52 making this combo THE CHEAPEST in terms of stamina consumption. For example our grim corruption IV takes whooping 382 stamina to use. Blindside comes very handy (more of an life saver) when you are out of stamina - this combo will regenerate you enough to use Swift Strikes IX or GC and still deal quite decent damage.

Bewilder is a passive upgrade for Blindside that will make your opponent lose -2% or -5% of their current stamina pool. Great tool for "disarming" soldiers or slowing down flag runners. Do not expect this to leave your opponent at your mercy because its slow, doesn't drain all that much and if anything it is more of an gimmick than a valid tactic. Save this for when your opponent if about to run away or...... for when you are getting ready to leg it.

How many points should be added
I can honestly say there are only two valid builds for blindside:
either 1/3 Blindside 0/2 Bewilder or 3/3 Blindside 2/2 Bewilder. If you add just one point to Blindside you are getting your point's worth with stamina renew and low cost, decent combo - adding more points into Blindside won't change a thing unless you are going to invest more into Bewilder.
When going for Bewilder ALWAYS add 2/2 and get that full -5%, -2% is a waste.

Lower right attack
Blindside is the ONLY assassin combo that will use "lower right attack" which means you will have to add another "attack" to your bar and find a good key to bind it to. Takes a while to get used to.

Blindside in PVE
Blindside combo will improve your solo PVE because it will hit hard when mobs stack all shields on the left (which might happen after you hace used your Grim Corruption). Apart from slow death strikes III this is our only combo that will hit on the right side which means that combo's last step is upper right or lower right attack.
Bewilder on another hand is useless in PVE - the mobs never go out of stamina.

For the reasons stated above I recomend adding only 1 point into Blindside in order to get the best deal: stamina renew with low cost combo that hits on the right side. Also please note that this combo's animation is just fucking sweet.

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