Monday, October 5, 2009

Assassin's hideout podcast - ep.5

show notes:
- random thoughts of a bored player
- something to look foward to in the future

title of the post is a link to the podcast.


Pumpkins said...

good news!

I yelled for assassin revamp in the mmorpg forums and now we are getting it! ;)

Anonymous said...


Nothing new? Famine didn't really say ANYTHING that assassin revamp will come in the next TL patch. Assassins are just next in the line, there is nothing new about it. The real question is when? Revamp will come in patch 1.6 but not sure in what patch, they might release the revamp in 1.6.2 or maybe even in 1.6.5 long after the patch 1.6.0 launch.

Just dont just get your hopes too high because it is pretty certain that assassin revamp won't be in the next 1.6 patch