Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We are open

The forums are up thanks to no one else than Ayonyx who did all the server thingies that make forum do "go-go". I have no idea what he did, basiclly magic, ancient and black one most likely. For that Ayonyx I thank you.

Anywho I am super excited for the forums and for the potential it might hold for us.
Still, there is a work to be done and I am not the man to do it (hell, I am already paying for this shit :P)

I really really do hope that some poor sucker master will prepare the forum theme and gfx.

Now for the forum rules:
I am all about disscusion here and I am open to suggestions. Tasaio suggested an open forum so the Funcom itself could gather the feedback. Seems reasonable.
I myself have only 1 rule and 1 request: no trolling on the forum - it will be heavly moderated and I will be giving away the mods to atleast several people.
The request is: I would love for every forum member to have it's character's face in avatar. Don't ask me why, it somehow makes the poster seem more "real".
I will be keeping the boards list very short: pvp and pve and general for crafting, gear, rants etc. There is nothing I hate more than forums with +billion empty boards.

Now please register and speak your mind.


johns1 said...

i cant get into the forum:o

johns1 said...

got in now. the / in the link has a space between so the link doesnt work:p

Slith said...

me = sux :(

johns1 said...

nono:D haha, my school has blocked your site now because it goes under gaming xD

johns1 said...

hmm, it did for like 5 min ago. not anymore:p well, this school is shit anyways:p

Slith said...

noooo I just lost "street cred" from not being blocked anymore -_-