Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Step lightly...and carry a sharp pice of metal

I swear it: the wait is killing me. What wait? THE wait for the freaking RISE OF THE GODSLAYER is killing me.

What else is killing me? Expansion bill for Collectors Edition, all the addons and hosting bill for What was I thinking? I might not be broke just yet, but I just spent good coin on my "internetz hobby". Way too much. You can all feel bad about yourselfs (no donations will be accepted, go away).

In other news: I have offically quited doing any Bori and my time is split between doing little Villa/Cellar and the minigames. I am enjoying this mix of solo PVE/PVP and the expansion will supposidly enchance this experience so things are looking up.

I am also very pleased about doing fine (close to 100 users now). I am suprised thou that no trolls showed up...yet :P Seriously, we have good thing going there.

Furthermore I am experimenting a little with Lotus/general build with mixed results.

So thats it for this little update - I will be doing reports on ROGS and AA system for Sins once the shit hits the fan and the gates to Khitai open >:D

Until then: step lightly...and carry a sharp pice of metal.


Samuli Jyrkinen said...

o-Slith-o-Slith. Just turn the freaking advertisements on and maybe even ask some sponsorship from FC.

The blog is relatively popular so the ad income could maybe cover your expenses in the long run. But if not... There is hell no a good reason why FC wouldn't sponsor your progress because it is all good for FC

Slith said...

hey man,

I am giving props where props are due

You know damn well that I shitted on everything from crafting to Game Director himself


by Mitra!

If they fuck up this expansion the shit storm will come.

BTW listened to the last podcast? Oh-not-so-great-stuff on Bori issue ;p

Don't hate me because I am beautiful

Samuli Jyrkinen said...

Yeah I read those pesky forums once in a while and one thing which I have noticed is that the forum activity has gone down a lot.

But I really gotta check the expansion... I'll be buying a new account + expansion after the expac is out and I'm intending to create a ranger because I heard the class is getting a revamp soon and it is the closest thing to an assassin in the game. The ranger might be in fact even more assassin-stylish than the assassin itself :3

But can't wait. It will be a real fresh start: almost a completely new class(ranger, never played it before + revamp), new environment(Khitai) and all the new stuff.

See you on Aquilonia 8-)

Anonymous said...

I for one, am not going to buy the exp-pack. I was going to, and I have been playing the game since beta. But... I realised there is nothing ion the game for me, I don't want to raid anymore. There are not enough minigames running. I don't want to wait 10-15 minutes for a minigame!!!
And aslong as I have to do that, I will play World of Warcraft.

I do however miss the ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC combat-system and animations from AoC.