Monday, June 21, 2010

Smooth pvp lvl 7, no Bori included

It's official: I have managed to gain pvp lvl 7 and not half kill myself in the process. In fact, its been most pleasurable pvp experience since AOC day #1. I have skipped all that Bori PVT&R crap (player vs tree and rock) and went for 100% grade A cocaine called "minigames". I have been doing solos, premades, semi-premades both inside and outside the guild (and for the record we have never picked specific classes for our groups, its all invite-on-demand). There were days where I've got 4 tokes in a row and there were days were we got beaten down into submission. Since playing an assassin doesn't frustrate me anymore at any level, its been fun for the whole family. I remember how1.5 Lotus assassin was nothing, but pain. Sure, the very few of us that had the balls to go out with this class  and were weaving huge epeens (even bigger if you made it to the top of the kill charts in minigames, which did happen), but the price was paid in endless stream of profanities when barb always stuned you, casters always ran away and rangers were plain ignoring your tickles until you kicked in Kidney shots & Lotus overdose mix. There is certain nostalgy attached to an old sin, but people tend to remember only the good things and the bad things are lost in the myst. I have been trying to re-visit lotus build for pvp (with only 5 points in corruption), but it lost its charm and doesn't feel like Lotus anymore (could it be because of those shards?). Guess I am stuck with Hyrbid pvp and pve power horse and since AA system has been introduced it's only getting better (Liberation? Chocking powder? Delicious!).

I think I want to say that I am enjoying Age of Conan in my own way (no raiding, no instances) and I am glad that I can progress and participate in pvp even with my limited game time (4 minigames x 20 minutes or less is perfect for me) and not to get bored with class that I have been playing non-stop for over 2 years now.

By Crom, that's all I could ask from MMO.


Anonymous said...

Getting close to level 7 myself.

Only done about 5-10% from bori.

One day I'll get you to do an instance and Im gonna post a link with screenshoot for all to see on your blog!

Take care.

- Despair.

Slith said...

Well, I will want those damn Hyrkanian daggers at some point..

you need instance tokens for those :X