Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Assassin's hideout podcast - ep. 17

show notes:

- changes to rangers (live)
- changes to Bori (live)
- chocking powder in pvp and pve
- future changes to pvp

title of the post is a link to the podcast.


Shahir said...

WTF with this post ?! :)

Slith said...

read0r? Oh hai!

This is how post look like straight from iphone - I am editing them couple minutes after posting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing all this amazing work, realy apreciate it m8. I just start playing again and my sin is lvl 23 on Fury server. Your guids and tips/trix realy boost back my fun un playing.

Keep up the work


Slith said...

sure Zabur, dont mention it

and hope not to get ganked too much, fury can be harsh I hear ;p