Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kiss my nipples goodbye: nippleless pvp lvl 8

So I have hit the big 8. Luckly Funcom managed to patch in minigame gear changes in 2.1 before I level up because otherwise it would be really sad achievment indeed (with my nipples exposed in shame).

The leveling process took place exclusively via minigames for serveral months on end. That and tons of tomes of carnage rank 3 (25% exp boost for 60m, 50s cost).

Since all the gear I want is now available to me I have no desire to push even further so I won't be sinking any more precious gold into those damn tomes.I guess new SAG mini (and its upcoming xp boosting changes) will make people's experience of leveling from 7 to 8 more pleasurable. Let's see what lvl9 will be like, but then again, why bother getting there faster? No reward.

Anyway if you are not sure what all that nipple stuff is all about check here and here. Yes, its a fetish of mine and I am using pvp lvl5 set as an excuse to talk about nipples.

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Arcalimon said...

Oh noeeez!
I wanted to kiss the nipples!!!

Gratz on pvp 8 man!