Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update 2.02.0 on TL

Ok so the faction and CC changes are on TL. I find them very interesting. Check the video for details.

Few stats:

Liberation - 2m CD
FTD - 30s CD
Avatar - 2m CD
Opportunistic strike - 1,30m CD
Death's Gaze - 1,30m CD
Snap Kick - 45 CD, 1 step combo
Choking powder - 1m CD
Vampyric gaze - 2m CD
Curse of Lotus - 1,30m CD, fear

Immunities applied by CC = 1 minutes of imminity, 5s of total immunity (global)

Patch notes:


* Faction and CC changes are introduced on the Testlive servers! These revamps are still subject to change.
* Improved Covenants of Death should now give the intended values of Magical Health Tap to Covenant of Pestilence.
* The stagger debuff now has a unique icon.
* The Lumbering Hulk ability will again remove existing snare effects when used.
* Roots of Hell will now add 10/20/30% resistance against knockbacks while any polymorph is active.

General Crowd Control Changes

* All Root and Silence combos and spell will now grant the target a Recently Impaired buff.
* Most Snare have been tweaked in regard to duration and immunity. The maximum Snare effect is now 60% Hinder Movement.
* Most Fear have been tweak with regards to duration, cast time, cooldown or immunity. Targets affected by a fear will also run slower.
* Most Silence have been tweaked with regard to duration, immunity, cast time range and max targets.
* Most roots have been tweaked with regards to duration, cast time, range and max targets.
* Most stuns have been tweaked with regards to duration, immunity, cast time, range and max targets.
* Several knockbacks have been tweaked with regards to cast time and re use time.
* You can no longer be Staggered while affected by a Snare.

Dungeon - AI District

* The combat log will now display the damage dealt to you when ran over by Sxi Ai.
Had couple of duels. Movement is much more important now and you almost forget about CC. Fights are longer when both players are decent at movment and shorter when one player is trying to use CCs in old fashion (standing still and chain casting)


Anonymous said...

interesting! but have the fixed CS too??????

Slith said...


its due for 2.3 patch :D