Saturday, May 28, 2011

By Crom! By Mitra! By Set! It is DONE!

 It has finally happened: I have acquired a full minigame armor. Back in black so to speak.
I am still needing 1 more dagger for offhand, but in truth I already have my offhand dagger and I have my eyes on much better one that can be bought from Hyrkanians (aka the bullshit faction).

It took a lot of minis, but its done.

It felt great to sell last pice of lvl 5 pvp "Nipple set" to the NPC. It was like snake shedding his skin and going off to a greener pastures (to bite sheeps no doubt).

In the end I am glad that I have not went for the Bori. I am feeling strangely fulfilled now that my set is completed. I cannot imagine how it must have felt to get the full set effortlessly via hitting rocks. Perhaps this is why there are hardly any "Bori-baked" assassins running around nowdays, at least on Aquilonia.

Now, I am not quite pleased about the head gear. I think it looks silly both for minigame gear and Bori gear - it reminds me for burqas.

This is why I am eagerly awaiting the social tab because I will be wearing THIS:
I will use this when social tabs are in game

or....Shadows of Jade armor. We shall see.

Anyhow, I will be focusing on getting my combo books now.


Ardwulf said...

That is indeed incredibly badass-looking.

Alisyah said...

You could have given me some warning on when you were taking the picture as I was too late clapping!! But gratz anyway!

Slith said...

oh, you look dashing my darling ;p

Anonymous said...

Evilassassin here! looking badass! keep up the hard work!

Anonymous said...

I perfectly know how hard is doing it without Bori, it took me 4500 minigames.
Grats again