Sunday, June 12, 2011

Path of Enlightened

I had my eyes on this since ROGS day 1. It is a spell book from Jian Shi faction that gives you a permanent spell (spell, not a PET).

After weeks and weeks (and weeks) of daily Refuge instance runs (not that I mind, its a great content) I have managed to get 139 out of 150 rares needed for this item. It is true what they say: the last 100m dash is the hardest. So I did 2 x Kara Korum run (something that I almost never do) to get to the final 150.

Needless to say I have ran like a madman to the village of Jiang Shi to buy this (on TL of course, always test stuff first before you blow 150 rare tokens :X).

Here are my findings:

After learning the spell it appears in your spell book. For assassin this is our only spell (miasmas doesn't count apparently) so new, separate TAB is created. You can drag the icon to your hot bar.

The spell uses the animation from HOX: a lot of flames and smoke and the *poof* you are a Gnome, ...I mean Jiang Shi. The casting time is very short: about 1-1,5 seconds.

The spell is considered "transformation" so certain classes like HOX can have big problems with it because you can't use demon form and jiang shi form at the same time. Assassins are fine, you can use whatever with jiang shi form.

Now the good stuff. The buffs are very marginal: some unholy damage rating, some magic damage and 5 life regeneration. It is nothing to be boastful about, but lets do some analysis:

1. Unholy damage is our bread & butter. Using soul strike miasma can debuff your opponent against unholy and having high magic penetration only furthers this. So in fact you can benefit from this a lot more than other classes.

2. Magic damage is always good for your detonation.

3. Life regeneration

All that is good, but the real treat is in Kara Korum because this spell removes all created debuffs for the duration. You WILL feel the difference going from -20 life regen to +5. Basically it gives you "Super Hero" mode in Kara Korum both against players and mobs.Seriously, the difference is staggering as crater gives some nasty debuffs. Something to consider for all of yo gankers out there.

The cool down is 10 minutes and the buff is 1 minute. You heard me. First of all 10 minute CD is nothing extraordinary: remember second wind? Second thing is that the spell has a chance to refresh itself for another 1 minute upon melee or melee spell. So far I was able to chain-refresh this buff for whole 6 minutes. The best part is that the spell CD will go on even if you refresh the buff. After 6 minutes of  using the buff the spell it self had only 4 more minutes for a complete cool down.


It is "free". Get it. It might not be fabulous or ass-whooping damage, but it is:

1. permanent upgrade to your character

2. doesn't cost feat points or perk slots

3. pretty damn cool

4. Kara Korum god mode.

 Tokens come and go and what is an epic item today might not be so epic 6 months from now, but getting spell/pet is something that you will always benefit from. I have  bought it on live and I don't regret it.

Some updates:
1. the buff will last through pvp death, but will fade away on pve death (as all other buffs do, like corrupted body).
2. you cannot use your Khitai pets while the buff is running (weird, huh?), but you can use the pet and THEN use the buff and you will get all the bonuses.
a mug that only mother could love

so keep your mask on at all times


Anonymous said...

As this is a spell can it be used in other places to like dungeons, bori, minigames?

Slith said...

yes it can!!

Field of War perk gives

435 combat rating
92 magic damage (or so)

with this spell you bring it up to 600/110!!

Anonymous said...

nice post/article.

Is it often ready to use at minis where you are affected with melee attack or spell? (like almost no cooldown / or really short one?)
Im starting to think that it will be better for me(barb) to buy that spell instead of hyrkanian chest(nowadays I have pvp level 4 chest).

whats your opinion?

Slith said...

nooooooooo, this is not a barb item.

It works with Sin because it gives unholy damage (our main source of DPS) and magic damage (better detonation).

For barbs unholy is mediocre and magic is useless (me thinks).

I have been able to keep this buff up 3 times in a row in a minigame so far.

Anonymous said...



I thought that 435 of combat rating would make a difference however as you say unholy is shitty for me I wont take it:(

I wanted to have that ugly face;P

thx for help

Slith said...

Field of war perk gives 435 combat rating + Patch of Enlightened gives 182 combat rating = over 600 combat rating ;p