Sunday, July 24, 2011

Total rebuild

As you can see I have done some re-designing on the blog (if you can use that word in relation to messing around with blogger's settings). Mainly I have ripped down the tag system and went for "folders".

Here is what you will find in those categories:

News - all the recent information from me, devs or straight forum madness

Rants - me giving you pice of my mind on various topics

PVE - all things PVE from exploration to content review and events

PVP - all things PVP so it is like PVE, but better (coz its PVP)

Podcast - things I do in my car when no one is watching (just kidding, I am doing it even when someone does)

Archive - placeholder for out-of-date guides. This way all the stuff published in other categories will be applicable to the current state of the game.

Guides - all my guides that you can find on official forums. All up to date.

Bombay Sin - all the silly stuff that is still worth keeping, but won't fit any other category

Lore - books, comics, movies, the works!

Hope that now the blog will be a little more user friendly.

On the totally unrelated topic: I have tried Facebook and I hate it :X

Thank you!


Nwardezir said...

"I have tried Facebook and I hate it :X"

Try Google+ ?

Anonymous said...

I like ! rofl

regards Munson aka Aufsitzmaeher

Hasharin said...

This new design is much better. Your blog become a real assassinopedia now. :)

Than you! Keep posting!