Saturday, October 8, 2011

Slith's cheesy exploration guide ep. 8

It's been ever so long since you a got chance to smell the cheese and visit some places that were not ment to be seen. I am talking, of course, about Slith's cheesy exploration guide and if you though about something else you are a sick fuck.

So I have already written how I was disappointed about city of Paikang not being a main city hub in Khitai. I know, after almost 2 years it is about right time to get over it, but I can't, I gotta have closure on this. Time to take it to the streets and visit the inside of Paikang. Traveling around the city (which is humongous) keep looking for a weak spot in the tight, high wall. Found it? Good. I little struggle and you are inside the city. What sasight...not really, it is ass. Half-finished buildings are "hovering" like a meter above the ground and it is all buggy and weird. Oh well, enjoy!

The streets of Paikang

Difficulty: ***
The only problem is finding the right spot to "attack" the wall. Once you are aware of it it is basic stuff.

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