Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Assassin lingo

"I have KBed him and used LO with DWW and then followed with GC+SS and FC. Use that against hox and tos"

This is actual quote  that I have seen on forums, posted as a tip for the newcomer.If I was that poor newb I would have been like: "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT".

So I have written this little guide to take you young cutters into the inner circle of Assassindom. First, as with all things, you have to learn the lingo. Hence here we are.

The most commonly used abbreviations:

SDS - slow death strikes
SS - swift strikes (can also mean soul strike, see miasmas)
Kick - snap kick
GC - grim corruption
IL - impede life
GB, grave - grave's blossom
DWW, DW - death's whirlwind

CC and CC breakers:
CC - crowd control, effect that makes your opponent stuned, feared etc.
KB - knock back, can be applied via snap kick
Immunity - when lotus overload procs you are pretty much immiune to magic for 5s
OP - opportunistic strike (stun)
DG, gaze - death's gaze (fear)
Curse - curse of the lotus (fear)
EB - excellent balance

Buffs and Debuffs:
LO - lotus overload
Avatar - avatar of death
Kidney, KS - kidney shots
DP - dull pain
Burden, B2B - burden to bear (armor debuff)

Mechanics and Miasmas:
Shards, Souls - soul shards, those are consumed by miasmas and some combos, regenerated over time,
DoT - damage over time,
FS - face stab miasma
SS - soul strike miasma
Dart - lotus dart miasma
Buff - effect that makes your character stronger (like dull pain)
Debuff - effect that makes your character weaker (like armor ruin)
FTD - from the darkness (charge)
Explosion, Bomb, Detonation - essence detonation

Sin - assassin
Hox - herald of xotli
Tos - tempest of set
Guard - guardian
Pom - priest of Mitra
Demo - demonologist
Necro - necromancer
Pet - usually necromancer's pets
Barb - barbarian
Conq - conqueror
DT - dark templar

HV, vault - hallowed vault
LT, temple - lost temple
BR - blood ravine
Totem, TT - totem torrent
SAG - The Call of Jhebbal Sag


Anonymous said...

and what do you think about elusive nature perk? which one would you choose for pvp : chromatic warding or elusive nature?

Slith said...

Elusive nature is for tanking, doesn't really help assassin.

Chromatic warding is interesting for some kind of lotus/general build with both corrupted body and arcane backlash. If you are going to focus on ani-magic then go crazy with it and get all the goodies.

Anonymous said...

hey man do you still play this game? I would love to meet up ingame with you and have a duel :D wanna test my skills agains a pro like you are haha

Slith said...

Sure, I am still around :D

Pro or not, anything can happen in assassin vs assassin :P