Tuesday, April 3, 2012

[Guide] Picking your dagger

Assassins, when it comes to melee, are limited to daggers. In this guide I want to cover what should you be looking for when picking your pair of daggers. Please note that I wrote "pair" and not a "set". Very rarely a "set" (two same daggers) will be preferable over two different daggers, hand picked for their individual roles.

Main dagger and offhand dagger

Is there a difference? Yes there is. The main hand's dagger's DPS is what is counted towards your overall DPS score. On the other hand your offhand dagger is only as good as it's stats, the DPS doesn't matter.

Main Hand Dagger
You main hand dagger should have as big DPS as you can get, the other stats are secondary at best.Your main hand dagger's DPS is what is affected by +% Weapon Damage (Lotus Blades feat). It also makes your face stab damage whole lot better.

Offhand Dagger

You offhand dagger should have stats needed for your build, raw DPS of the dagger doesn't mater at all. Two good things to have on your offhander is +combat rating and +constitution.

Confused? Lets do some math on PvP T1 and T3 dagger.

Which one should you have as a main hand dagger? This is no brainer, Highlord's Dirk has superior DPS. Now the tricky part: should you be using 2 x Highlord dirks or perhaps Main hand the Highlord and offhand the Skrimisher dirk? Lets do some MATH!

Highlord's Dirk

64 Dex = 192 Combat Rating
250 Combat Rating + 192 Combat Rating = 442 Combat Rating

Added stats from dex:

+32 Evade Rating
+128 Stamina
+3.2 Natural Stamina Regen
+9.6 OOC Stamina Regen

Skrimisher's Dirk

485  Combat Rating

Added stats:
+160 Health
+3 OOC Health Regen
+40 Stamina
+1 Natural Stamina Regen
+3 OOC Stamina Regen
+26 Stamina Tap Rating

So as you can see Skimisher's Dirk is superior when it comes to both useful stats and damage. There will be some loss on Critical Rating and Critical Damage Rating, but those differences are not big enough (+8 critical rating is super marginal) to sacrifice your overall damage output. This simple example illustrates how your should think about what are you REALLY getting out of your daggers.


Yiannis said...

I am not sure if this is quite accurate. For example we dont know how dps is measured. Does FC counts both PVE dps + PVP dps or only PVP dps cause in 1st case having 2 highlords dirk is better that having 1 highlord & one Skirmisers.

Slith said...

PVE damage stacks with PVP damage when you attack player. The "DPS" on the dagger doesn't matter for offhand. Since dirk has more damage from stats it will be always better than Warlord which gets it's damage from big, raw "DPS" (78)

Yiannis said...

with two warlords you you have more dps in pve stat and a bit less on pvp stat (this is vise versa with 1+1). If they both stack together when you hit someone on pvp then having 2 warlords should be better except if you need the const. I must say again that I don't know if this accurate though.