Saturday, October 13, 2012

Epic stories, Big Epeens - TEH HAX0Rz!

 As you know I am PvPer and in pvp things happen that can make you want to grab your keyboard and smash it against the wall. That's cool. I can respect that quality of character. Matter of fact I always keep plastic bottle of water near me when I am pvping. Why? One is hydration is good for you. Duh! Second: I can smash that bottle in anger and not be regretting that later (like smashing  50 EURO mouse..). What makes people angry in pvp? Well, bullshit in general, but to be more exact: losing to bullshit....lets just say losing in general. Losing is not cool. There is nothing good about losing duel, minigame or whatever. Lets just say that is universally NOT desired outcome of any pvp encounter. We can all agree on that, RIGHT? And what do people do when they lose? Most suck it up with silence and dignity and I salute those brave men and women of Hyboria. Then there are some that, THE VERY SECOND things don't go as expected, they get up and scream: HAX! HAXORZ! Cheats! How else those unbeatable heroes of Conan's era would lose in PVP if not for obvious hax?
I AM being snarky here because the truth is: sometimes you fuck up and die, deal with it. Therefor I have never played the "blaming game" when it comes to PVP. Since 2008 I haven't seen one pvp encounter in which I would clearly say: that is someone running third party software to alter the game (aka "ZOMG THAT IS HAX!"). Sure, we all have heard epic stories of people doing some funky stuff in pvp and the forums are filled with videos of so called teleports. Are those true? In most cases I would say it is a lag that is desyncing the player's client and the server resulting in game not registering all the movements. I like to believe that, it keeps me sane. If I lose in pvp I just assume it is my very own fault, smack the water bottle around and move on with my life. That is smart thing to do, that is right thing to do. 

Well after that rather lenghty introduction I am going to drop the epic story on you: I have witnessed the real hax! It was few days ago on the map Lost Temple. My team kinda overpowered the opponents so we were holding the bridge and they were on a nearby cliff that leads to their spawn (mages like to stand there and spell weave and this is what they did). There was this ranger that pretty much was trying to snipe our cloth users (with little to none success I might add). In one of our merry chases after this ranger he did strange thing: when cornered and with about 50% health he turned around and simply jumped from the bridge straight into the lava. Now you know me, I am sadistic stabby stabby kind of guy so it was natural for me to go to the bridge just to watch him burn. To my deepest disbelief he landed in the lava, took several steps this point he should have been crispy, fiery and umm...burny. And what happened? He literally LOOKED UP and SWOOOSH next thing I know (literally in a second or so) he was standing near the necro and that cliff, raining arrows at us!!!!

Pwnt? Turns out: not so much.

I made a quick petition and oddly enough in 2 minutes the GM was talking to me and promised to take immediate action on this matter. I have no idea if that ranger got banned, but having GM respond so fast was super nice.

My "PVP" bottle...

There you have it: my epic hax story. Do you have your own to tell? But please  GOOD ONES :D


mrillegally said...

I have my own and it's quite funny :-)

Anonymous said...

Ahahah that's funny man!!
Especially because I perfectly know the feeling!
Especially now that I'm dealing with the phantom armies in GW2 where the mesmer can make 24+ people disappear in a heartbeat to reappear behind you and spank you!
If you're lucky enough you'll noticed them after 3 or 4 seconds due to an issue on the graphic engine, but let's admit it, it's a tactical miracle to have this skill :D

How's it going man?


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

The part I am having the hardest part believing is that a GM responded in 2 minutes! That is so amazing it could be considered hax!

Slith said...

To [Etsaiak]: LOL !!!
To [Etsaiak]: nice teleport
[Tamtor|Game Master]: Greetings Slith! This is GM Tamtor. Do you have a moment to speak about your petition? You may reply by using /tell Tamtor or by clicking my name in the chat window. Before replying, please move to a safe location away from MOBs or other players (if you are in a PvP enabled area) as GMs cannot guarantee your safety.
To [Tamtor]: yes
[Tamtor|Game Master]: I see you experienced something strange in PvP?
To [Tamtor]: I am playing this game since 2008 and pvp only. I am far from calling people exploiters, in fact this the very first time I can tell that it 100% was the case
To [Tamtor]: I am aware how lag can sometimes desync the client and give impresion of teleport
To [Tamtor]: but THIS was something :D he ran away into lava from us and then teleported to safety
[Tamtor|Game Master]: I'm very sorry that you have experienced something like this. Is the player still online?
To [Tamtor]: I don't know, you are the GM :D
To [Tamtor]: but I reported ASAP
[Tamtor|Game Master]: I meant, are you playing with them still.
[Tamtor|Game Master]: you're right, I can look them up, but I can't see if you are with them lol.
To [Tamtor]: no, it was at the end of the minigame
To [Tamtor]: I think last 3 minutes
[Tamtor|Game Master]: Ok, we'll certainly add this player to a watchlist and I'll check in on them now. Thank you for your report.
[Tamtor|Game Master]: Is there anything else I can help you with?
To [Tamtor]: no, thank you
[Tamtor|Game Master]: Alright, thank you for your patience, i hope you contiue to enjoy.
To [Tamtor]: sure will
[Tamtor|Game Master]: Your current petition is now closed. If you wish to speak with a GM you will need to submit a new petition. Take care today Slith! We wish you only the best and safest travels in Hyboria, and we thank you for your continued support.

Sreen said...

PVP bottle? Too soft, dude. I headbutt the desk since I started to play MMOs. Nothing has happened to the desk so far.