Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays and a great 2013!

It was pretty strange year for Age of Conan, but for me it is pretty apparent that the game is no were near dieing (as prophesied by many, since 2008). The upcoming Secrets of The Dragon Spine and the crafting revamp are going to be worthy addition to the Hyboria and without doubt those will bring back people and bring in even more. I am sure of it.  While personally I have struggled to keep my interest in this game I have to admit that in the end Funcom got to keep my money...again.

So grab a glass of milk and pull up a chair...I have baked something for all of you!

Yeah is a ginger bread assassin with T 3.5 daggers fighting a HOX. We all know how that duel is going to end :P

 Happy Holidays everyone!

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