Friday, January 18, 2013

Sand and Jagged Rocks ep.2 - should I stay or should I go?

After few days of SDS and eventually finishing all the quests (which really could have been done in 1-2 playing sessions) it occurred to me (aka became painfully evident) that in current shape SDS is pretty thin on content (aka I have nothing to do in SDS). Now I am aware that SDS will have few more updates and honestly there is TONS of stuff (places, npcs, objects) on Dragon's Spine map that doesn't serve any purpose which indicates that those will be used in upcoming future content. More quests? Sure, I will enjoy that since SDS already showed top quality in story telling. And then what? Right now SDS has I think 4-5 daily quests that reward player with 10s and a caravan bag or so. Considering that this is the hardest zone in the game those rewards that are being offered are really sub par for decked out lvl 80 character. And here are we coming to the fundamental problem: rare tokens. Funcom is shoving rare tokens down our throats at every step: Hard modes in Khitai? That is worth a token. Beating up easy mode bosses in House of Crom Threshold? Well guess what? You will get a token out of that deal. That Fort in Turan? Yep, there are tokens there. But hey, you can also run daily solo instances and get.....TOKENS. Just loads and loads of tokens at each and every step. That is cool, I used to enjoy tokens until I have ran out of stuff to buy (yes, it's ironic, I should have ran out of tokens first). I am pretty casual about PVE side of things (doing dungeons less than once per week) so I wouldn't say that I am insane for having every Khitai item that I would potentially want (two armor sets, accessories, weapons, jian-shi spell) and still having close to 700 rare tokens. Now what? I could buy new epics from dungeon NPC in SDS but those are like Khitai epics with more hit rating on them. I would imagine that perhaps the rare tokens are going to play some role in upcoming crafting revamp otherwise: what the hell am I supposed to do with them? I am almost maxed on on AA tree :X
All this seems to be noticed also by other players as "Add MoA's to Dragon Spine Quests Please" thread poped up on TL forums. Perhaps, just perhaps SDS will play some major role in the crafting revamp as getting bags/cases/chests with crafting components would (I think) make it worth while to do some SDS repeatables. Repetables...then why not just put faction(s) to SDS? Funcom already has technology to do it from ROGS, they did it in Turan ... I have asked AOC's Game Director about this and he wasn't really sure about that so quite possibly no, no factions in SDS. Now granted: this is exactly the kind of content we used to get pre ROGS (like Tarantia Commons): bunch of quests and story. However in post ROGS reality the current shape that SDS is in simply won't do for me.


ANON said...

casual PVER, yea right dude

Slith said...

I have been called many things but not PVEr :X I simply have 1 character so I got my stuff not through intensive gaming, but rather focused gaming. If you have 1 character and you are playing only AOC it's really not that hard.

PVPer? That I am, kind sir