Sunday, July 28, 2013

Essential PVP gear - mouthpice

Sometimes my real world and my MMO world will cross over. Remember my MMO wedding? I sure don't, I was drunk off my ass.

Anyway I have always had very healthy teeth until just a couple years ago my dentists informed me that I am "kinda wearing down my teeth by grinding them". I though "ok no biggie". That was until recently my dentist said "fuck dude, you are REALLY grinding your teeth". So we tried to find the cause of this problem which could be either stress or strenuous activity.

My job can be stressful at times, but I couldn't recall grinding my teeth at any time so we could cross that one out.

Strenuous activity? Well I have been involved with weight lifting for several years now (bodybuilding at first, P90X as of late) and it's very common for people to clinch their jaws while lifting weights. So I have taken extra care to be self aware while trening to see if there is any excessive teeth grinding. Nope, I tend to bite my lower lip, but my teeth are fine.

Then it hit me: Age of Conan PVP *facepalm*.

I am grinding my teeth during PVP when I am trying to get that last second kill before dieing myself. Quite common for assassin class. There is no denying that, I know this, I have seen myself done it. First time the dentist mentioned this issue was when? When I picked up AOC back in 2008. 

Of course I have told my dentist that "yeh bro, this teeth griding? That's from lifting sick weights, dog!". What else could I have told him, that it's from playing PVP?????

Now how to address this issue? Simply knowing that I am doing IT while PVPing won't solve the problem by itself.

As stupid and geeky it might seem I am using underarmor mouthpice to protect my teeht .... during PVP.
Ironically this is the product that I actually would have been using if my sport activity was the source of the problem.

Which brings me to the second issue: explaining it to my wife my the hell I am wearing this high end sports gear while sitting my ass in front of computer and NOT while I am actually working out?

"I am uh....molding it".

Yeah, that excuse is already getting old -_-/

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