Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keep'em coming!

Few months ago Chillwhisper stepped down as assassin advocate giving some valid reasons (freeing up a slot). Now, in 1.5 reality, Chill cancells his subscribtion and has this to say:

"Because I have played two classes for the last year... Assassin and Barbarian, and you have tuned the balance of PVP to the extent that they are now the two worst dueling classes in the game, with no hope of improvement in the near or distant future.

You started an advocate program, which I participated in, which has yet to have one idea implemented (other than adjusting the Assassin aggro to be ridiculously high, nice work), and only seemed to accomplish a mild amount of blame deflection until people caught on that they were ignored.

I am miserable every time I log in, and your US forums has even locked me out due to changing payement options and missing a payment, even though I've been able to play for 2 weeks and post on TL and EU forums.

I see no reason to continue giving you money. "
So we are down to one advocate - FuryBlackhart.

BUT let's worry not: Funcom already sent us some fresh advocate meat and judging from the posts in that thread - those people are not active posters and most likely clueless.
So without doubt FC is listening to advocate's feedback (not a kind one I suppose) and this time went for ....less vocal advocates.


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