Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slith's cheesy exploration guide ep.5

My long lived dream of cracking open the Old Tarantia hub has finally came to fruition (thats one fancy word I must say). After a lof of trial and error I give you....

Old Tarantia

The dome

Difficulty: ****
Suprisingly it took less effort than the temple, but it still felt good to get on that spot. I can finally claim one place as my own: I have never seen screenshots of someone getting to that place (I can't really say no one did at all thou) so it was a pure gamble on my part, that an few hours of midless jumping. Getting to that place unlocks some other, shall we say less impressive stuff that I yet have to explore.

Also paid a little visit to the whorehouse near the trader.

The bridge. I wanted to get there since day 1 when I have saw it.

Suprise suprise! There are stairs near the bottom of the Castle
and they are leading to hidden, secret and totaly unfinished room. People often complain that Conan's castle is not nearly big enough, so perhaps Funcom holds a little suprise for future updates?

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You are mad as mushroom! :)