Saturday, November 14, 2009

Take care everyone - taking a real vacations

In preparation for upcoming Age of Conan expansion I am taking a break and going on vacations somewhere in Asia.
Remembering how great it was seeing Egypt last year and comparing everything to Stygia I am hyped out for this trip.
Since I am going to spent majority of time in capital city I will most likely have Wi-Fi to check on some aoc news, but for next 2 weeks - no blog posts. I hope you can manage without your "free enturtaiment" which I hope Assassin's hideout is.
Take care and keep pressuring FC into getting 1.6 on TL.


Jayedub said...

Very awesome, hope you have fun. Pics, must have pics when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Have fun!


Unknown said...

Have a safe and wonderful time m8!

/Bladewall - Aquilonian Sin

Anonymous said...

I recommend Guilin if you can. Gorgeous countryside!

Anonymous said...