Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[Guide] The best specc for PVP

Regardless of how many threads have been made on this topic people will always come for more with sole question in mind: what is the best specc for XXX? (mini/pvp/open world pvp/dueling).

Before we move on lets make two things clear:

in PVE (especially raiding) you can come up with "best specc" through math by crunching the numbers and changing the feats to achieve best possible DPS output. Since Assassin's role in pve is DPS, but having a specc that allows you to out-do any other specc in terms of DPS you have invented yourself a "best specc".

in PVP you simply can't point to the best specc because you will be subjected to so many variables that covering all of your bases is simply not possible. With great DPS you can melt to magic damage and with superb defences you can find yourself at the very bottom of "kill charts". There is no "holy grail" of pvp speccs -its more of a game of making less mistakes than others.

Most common mistake? Thinking that other know of some "uber secret" specc that unlocks true assassindom and makes any player instantly great.

However there are few guideliness that you might consider when putting together your desired pvp specc.

Feats that will gimp you
There are some broken,useless or underpowered feats that can gimp your overall performance. Check the list here.

Do not spread yourself thin
Except for very few feats true pvp performance comes from maxing out the feats that you are investing in. You really won't benefit from 13% weapon damage coming out of 1/5 Lunge - you want whole 70% boost for 5/5. Read more on this here.

Understand the key issues with each of the trees
Lotus and Corruption are not equal. People often post that corruption is not the best choice right now (as of 1.5.7 patch) and I firmly support that claim. Find out more on why Lotus is the better choice for pvp compared to corruption and why corruption ain't what it used to be for pvp.

Rule of thumb
I would not close on this post without giving out the recipe for delicious pvp specc:

max out on anticc + max out on damage buff + get all CC + whatever is left goes into defensive feats

step by step:

#1 max out on anticc - aniCC is the staple of any build. When CCed you can't do anything.

# 2 max out on damage buff - you are in pvp for the kills

# 3 get extra CC (Curse of Lotus)

# 4 dump the rest into defence - both corrupted body and arcane backlash fill up the specc

this is just an example specc that I have used to show you where the points should be spent first, I am in no way claiming it to be "teh one" for pvp

Play around with all the feats, but keep your priorities straight and avoid the bad feats.


Anonymous said...

this for pvp,1607-05,1609-05,1612-02,1602-05,1606-05,1610-03,1638-15,1640-12,1630-15,1631-15,1635-13,1639-15,1633-12,1636-12,1637-11,4310-25,4314-25,4307-21,4315-21,4316-21,4318-23,4306-23

because of this build i am the best duel sin on stygia

Anonymous said...

LoL, hahaha! Bet i could beat you anyday if your using that specc, or maybe theres only like 4 guys duelling on your server? =)