Monday, February 14, 2011

20.000,00 kills episode spectacular!

So I have hit the magical mark of 20.000,00 kills with 16.500,00 deaths. This kill to death ratio got a little skewed with my 1.4's solo ganking in Kheshatta (every kill was bought with one death) and 1.5 period. Don't get me wrong: assassin is probably most unforgiving class there is: every mistake you will make will most likely result in horrible, horrible death. Lesson learned? No amount of cloth and silk will mitigate axe to the head.
Where is the problem? I won't talk here about other classes and how they can produce similar damage output while wearing tons and tons of armor (guardian) or staying faaaaaaar out of harm's reach (rangers). Assassin goes toe-to-toe with a knify and silky pants in a fights were people bring pole arms for fuck sake ;p Yes, our life expectancy is that of a doughnut in a Police station. I don't have any issues with this "glass cannon" situation. The problem IS that Age of Conan doesn't reward movement or using combos with more than 1 combo step (preloading is still common sight).Everything assassin does must take place within certain time frame (lets call it the "window") before you will be CCed back to the stone age. You have to apply all the poisons and use all the miasmas and secure your kill before "window" closes.After that the CC storm is coming and baby, you ain't surviving that. And let me be clear on this: that window is open only to really nicely geared assassin. If you are freshly dinged sin you are all the glass and none of the cannon.
I firmly believe that Age of Conan went a bridge too far in the amount of CC. I am really, really looking forward to whatever CC changes are coming in the future and honestly, things cannot possibly be any worst - regardless of what the devs will do.

My wish for the next 20.000,00 Kills is to make them with as little CCs as possible, both on my and my opponents part.


Arcalimon said...

You know that discussione about the glass cannon reminds me of the HoX.

Being a Sin you know that once you have the gear you'll be a real glass cannon, the HoX is slightly different at the moment...

Something like 99% glass and 1% cannon for those who doesn't know how to play it, and 65% glass and 35% cannon for those who knows how the class works.

A pain anyway, we can't match damage output of rogues and... saddest thing ever we can't outdps the SOLDIERS!

:) Nice post man!

Haltair said...

Without CCs at these days can be killed dozens of players but all of them are lowies, not real risk. Any high lvl player will use CC, this is the world we live atm.
Kind regards,

Haltair, no-bori 10pvp lvl solo player, 4,5k pugs