Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yellow Priests of Yun'a pet - Gray Lotus

The gray lotus might just be the most mind-blowing pet in the whole expansion.

Basically this is "just" another flower that you buy from Yun for mere 800 MOAS and 30g.

After activating the pet it will grant you +320 magic damage as well as +80% ranged and melee damage. Now that's something! Furthermore the buff lasts whooping 20s which is enough to take on more than one group of mobs.

You can active Avatar of Death, Liberation and Gray Lotus all at once (binding them to 1, 2 and 3 works nicely, easy to press). Those 3 brought me up from 425,2 DPS to 582 for 15s!! And that is not even the best DPS you can get out of hybrid assassin (lotus side of things has even more dps buffs to offer)

Gray Lotus gives that extra edge to the Avatar of Death when it comes to leeching ridiculous amounts of health.

This should be your default buff when fighting mobs. If there is no need for extra healing (golden lotus) or stamina (tree of death) always drop gray lotus to dispatch your enemies faster. Remember than you can use all of your pets in solo instances which might come handy in the 2.1.3 patch which will bring new solo content.
You can get a passive perk that will grant you +10% weapon damage to further "upgrade" this pet's buff to 90%.

As always you don't have to be near the lotus flower: it will grant you 20s buff. Usable while moving.


Zenmai said...

One question remains - how long is the CD on it? :D

Slith said...

as any Pet: 2m

2m on pet and 2m global cooldown

so if you use gray lotus then your golden lotus goes on CD too. Thats why its important not to over-buy pets because you won't be able to use them all enough to make it worthwhile. 3-4 is tops