Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update Notes 3.0 (Savage Coast of Turan) [Assassin]

COMBO SYSTEM CHANGES (combo skipping exploit fix)

  • An issue that caused too low combo starter damage has been resolved.
  • An issue causing some weapon types to only do 75-80% white damage during the combo sequence has been resolved.
  • Hits during combo finishers are more accurately timed between the server and the client.
  • Combo finishers will no longer prevent you from moving at any point. Moving will still abort the combo though.
  • We have changed how the damage distribution works for combos with multiple hits. This change makes sure each hit represents the invested time in animation up to each hit in the animation.
  • Several minor/major issues have been fixed.
  • Stamina cost has been lowered for most combos.
Animation Changes
  • All charge impact animations have been normalized between classes and genders. All animations are now 0.9 seconds where the damage is inflicted at 0.45 seconds. Charge impact animations have no movement restrictions, so you can skip them at any point.
  • All stealth attack animations have been normalized between genders.
  • The last hit in a combo finisher is now normalized between male and female characters.
  • Most of the combo finisher animations should now be shorter.
  • Because of new damage distribution during the combo finisher we have removed double/close impact keyframes. This will not affect the total damage of the combo.
Initial CooldownTweaks
Rogue Archetype
  • Cunning Strike: All ranks changed to 10 second cooldown.
  • Vicious Strike: All ranks changed to 10 second cooldown.
  • All ranks of Swift Strike and Sins of the Flesh changed to 3 second cooldown
Combo Damage
Due to shorter animations we have buffed the following combos:

  • Death Whirlwind
  • Graves Blossom

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