Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This Week in Hyboria #1

Recently I have been browsing forums and noticing how many people are asking questions that were already answered over twitter by Game Director. This gave me an idea to do TWIH packed with short and punchy news for those that are not obsessive-compulsive about following every type of media to learn every bit of news there if about Age of Conan. I do that. So this is first, very rough version of TWIH as I am not entirely sure which segments are going to be appearing on a regular basis. Obviously I don't want just to re-post official news because that is garbage.


A lot of people seem to be upset about itemization when it comes to using PVE weapons in PVP (what? PvPers upset? Impossible!). Game Director replies:

@Slith_hideout The team will be looking at that itemization in detail alongside the crafting revamp and the adventure pack items for sure

source: twitter

Dungeon lockouts and UI

This is hot topic as latest patch removed the UI element that was showing which dungeons are not restarted. Lucky TL server has been already patched with new tab to display locked dungeons.

source: TL forums

New Adventure Pack
Funcom has been very secretive of new add-on and only tidbits of information were made public. Game Director hints at when we can expect more expansion related news:

@Skeloss the guys are making good progress there. We will probably show more of the adventure pack once the TSW launch period is over

source: twitter

Putting "group" back into group PVP

It is pretty much written in stone that the minigames system won't be rolled back into it's previous incarnation. However we can look forward to having at least 1 team mate signing up with us and ending up in same team:

@Slith_hideout I definitely want to be able to allow that once we have the single server tech up and in place

source: twitter

Stamina revamp

First rough version of stamina revamp is now on TL. Check out the video for details.


Hyborian Rage blog has put out guide for the Forgoten City.

Meanwhile Cynara of "cynara's Age of Conan blog" has written another article. This time it deals with HP of mobs in Khitai. Mobs in Khitai are stronger and this piece covers why.


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Thanks for the quick Shout out Slith!

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You can see he is just blabbling....yeees yeees everything will be ready SOMEWHEN.....1 2 3 4 years of waiting.