Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This Week In Hyboria #7

A lot has happened in Hyboria in the last few week, but I won't be covering the official news since all of you probably know by now that Joel is "the master of it all" now. Yeah, it means he is the new Game Director for Age of Conan.Lets jump into less known news

The Archaeology of AoC
An interesting thread poped up at Destiny Guild's boards covering some of the Conan comic references in Age of Conan. Worth checking out for interesting visuals

The Queen of the Black coast
Dark Horse has made a real gem: Conan animated comic featuring Belit. This is truly a work of art and the voice over is fits the setting perfectly. Of course don't expect "Pixar" level of animation, but it beats simply "reading" the comic by far.

Making AOC videos
Community manager gave out few hints about what is permitted when creating AOC videos from legal stand point. Seems like everything is ok as long as you don't create video to "bring  across questionable points of view or statements". So in my book that pretty much means: kick ass russian bear shaman videos - OK, Hitler videos - NOT OK.

AOC: Dragon's Spine/Crawling Chaos quest line
For those of you that really are stuck in Dragon's Spine here is the full walk through with witty commentary.

Age of Conan – Secrets of Dragon’s Spine: Theme
You can now listen to outstanding SDS Theme on Knut Aven Strouphaugen's website along with other musical gems like Nighttime Journey through the Eiglophian Mountains. I think that Knut yet again made a theme that fits the zone like a glove. Whatever I might think about Turan add-on it's musical theme is a great stuff and I can only hope K.A.S will keep making music for AOC in the future.

Into the whole RP thing?
Glad to see RP slowly crawling back to Age of Conan. To scratch that ichy niche you can go to  http://www.aoc-rp.com/  for forum, guides and articles. I am attributing this resurgence of RP soley to people coming back to AOC since it's the RP community that suffered the most after the server merges (with RP tag being removed completly from AOC servers.

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