Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lotus 30-40 lvl

So you got snap kick and lotus heal and you build looks like this:

time for the upgrade, and it will be a solid one:

2 points into Lotus Tainted Blood (giving total 3)->5 into antrophy->you are lvl 37 now, save 3 points till lvl 40-> Opportunistic strike->Lotus overload->save the rest for level 50


Full anti-magic potential

With Lotus Tainted Blood and Lotus overload you have reached your fullest vs casters. Yes, you can expand on this further via Arcane Backlash (reported bugged for now) or Natural Protection from General tree (giving a total of 10% magic rest), but with the build I am presenting you are all you can be. Congratulations!

Survivality boost

Antrophy will give you an amazing survivality boost because it can debuff with -30% damage several mobs/players at the same time. If you are taking too much damage, drop antrophy and watch the damage drop. Antrophy is instant and does little damage, but sometimes it can crit and the results will warm your cold, assassin’s heart.

On a side note: there is nothing you can do that will make you smile more than killing someone in PVP with well timed Antrophy.

Damage boost

Opportunistic strike aka OP works a little like dark inspiration only its active...and lotus...and works with several combos...and its way better. You will use it with Grim Corruption and it will crit every time you use it. Nice short cool down and long buff duration.

Hang in there!

This (meaning lvl 40) isn’t *IT* for assassins, you will evolve into so much more. Hang in there, and keep reaching for that lvl 60 because things will get a lot more fun.

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