Monday, September 29, 2008

To save or not to save?

Sooner or later (sooner THAN later) you will run into problem that next feat worth any points is like 8 lvls away and there are only two things to do:

1. dump points in crappy feats and respecc later,
2. save your points and get a HUGE boots once you hit the level needed

I need you to focus now and remember this: threat your respecc costs with ....respect because it is not capped right now.

“Not capped? The hell you mean Slith, it’s like 2s per respecc for me and that is SHIT money”

Well first of all you are talking to the KING OF RESPECCERS because I am 8g per talent change, baby and cannot state clearly enough how important it is to make WISE decisions when it comes to feat points spending and how important it is to save them to get your specc right.

The first time you will need to save points will be lvl 32 because the next feat worth 5 points is Unholy armor and you need lvl 40 for that sucker (for corruption anyway)
Yes, you can dump points into dread weapon and dark inspiration, feel good about it and respecc on lvl 40....but it will bite you in the ass later on when you will have to bust your guts in order to farm gold for yet another respecc...

Just so we are clear on this: not capped respecc cost means the reset will get more pricey every time you do it...

...and that is cool.....not!

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