Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Put on ur waiting hat for 1.5

Silirrion in reply to 1.5 question twitted that the 1.5 patch "given the ammount of changes" will most likely NOT take shorter than normal. What is normal by FC standarts? Well it's in a realm of 3 or 4 months and thats from when 1.5 hits testlive. Right now we are on Update 1.04.5 with more DX10 bugfixes so that means atleast 1 more week before 1.5 can we applied (1.04.5 gotta hit live next thusday). That is a lot of time. Since the death of Cimmerian border I was kinda hoping for speedy 1.5 - with 2 months of wait. Hey, perhaps the uber class advocates will do such a damn good job that we will see that 1.5 soon enough (no, 4 months will not cut it).

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