Tuesday, March 3, 2009

By Crom! It's getting fixed!

Since the dawn of Hyborian age (aka Age of Conan launch) the game had two things that have really been pushing my buttons (and not in a good way) for last 7 months: respecc costs and having to click billion times to buy enough of stam/health pots.
I am now 17g per respecc and needless to say I have lost FORTUNE to respeccing (let's not get in to why exacly I respecced so many times), BUT I might have been beaten by "some guy" who is whooping 30g per repspecc now. Wow, just wow! Welcome to the world of suck mate :/ Haven, the QA tester confirmed both respecc costs changes and buying pots in stacks feature. Whats not to like?


Age of Conan, War on Fury Report said...

I wouldnt get your hopes up. Hopfully we might see it in Patch 1.05

Slith said...

well ofcourse :) 4 months from now ;p;